Peaceful Octonary Ways To Fight Acne

It was my daughter Carol’s scream that made me rush to her room. She was standing looking at mirror and tears rolling down through her cheeks. It is the most pathetic thing in life to your kids crying, and crying early morning. It was carol’s smiles that use to make my day. So I just hurried towards her, took her in my arms” what’s up darling? What is making you cry early morning?” Continuing with her sobbing “Mom it is a freshet’s party this weekend and I don’t wanna go with this horrible looks”. She was crying for the new acne that had come to visit her early morning .Looking at the gravity of problem I gave a sigh, I mean I do have some solution which I can offer her. “Oh that’s ok we can get rid of it, it is very common in your age.” Wiping her tears and with great look of hope” Is it possible mom, I mean you can really do something about it?” I smiled back just a way to make her comfortable” yeah, sure provided you be good and do as I say”

She hugged me tightly as if she has achieved something great “Anything mom, I will do anything to get rid of it”. No doubt the solution I had offered her were night mares of her but it was the love for healthy skin she agreed on the terms and decided to utilize the secrets I gave her.

acneShe looked so happy the eve, after her freshet’s party. It was not just the glowing skin but it was the reflection of her growth in self confidence that made her look more beautiful. Her smiling face made me clicked there are so many teenage girls who are going through this pain. No doubt they are aware of many cosmetics that help them temporarily but like I never wanted Carol to believe in some temporary healers all the parents think in the same way. And hence for that reason I decided to pen down some permanent solution to Acne.

Like everyone says we neglect many times the neglect the solution that god himself provides for us. In this world God has provided solutions to the all problems, be it health, be in mentally. But all problems, I mean all the problems in the world arise with their own solutions. In the similar way, even acne has come with all ready solutions. Like one of the best solution is to consume good and healthy diet. And if I mean good and healthy diet it mean to consume lot of vegetables. Vegetables are greatest source of nutrients. And they are the biggest fighters for acne.

Here are some vegetables that fight against acne in a a very peaceful way.


“If carrots got you drunk, rabbits would be messed-up.”
Mitch Hedberg.

carrotsCarrot juice is not only very healthy, good for acne but it also gives good color to your skin.
A carrot contains a lot of vitamins such as A, B, C and K and also a good amount of minerals and magnesium.
You can eat them raw, stewed, in a pudding or as a salad. Carrot is an excellent blood cleanser and helps to clear the skin.
Carrot being an alkalizer, it helps to clear acidic conditions in the body.
A combination of carrot, spinach and apple juice is an amazing drink for cleaning the colon, relieving constipation and improving your skin conditions.
Carrots are rich containers  of vitamin A-like . These Phytochemicals present in carrots enhance the health of skin and repair it when it is damaged.


“Raw cucumber makes the churchyards prosperous”

cucumberA Cucumber is an effective way to prevent pimples.  Cucumbers belong to the family of Water melons.
Cucumbers contain very good amount of vitamin A and C.
Cucumber – helps to reduce acne problems because it is high in silicon and sulfur. As it is diuretic it helps flow more water through the kidney to clean out your blood.
Cucumbers are hydrating and nourishing as they are water prone vegetables.
Cucumbers have the same pH level as the skin, thus they assist to restore the skin’s protection.
Constant intake of cucumber will cool our body system and sooth our body. Having a cool body system will reduce the risks of getting acne and other pimples.


“Spinach is susceptible of receiving all imprints: It is the virgin wax of the kitchen.”
Grimod de la Reyniere

spinachSpinach has always been my favorite vegetable. They look so gorgeously green and besides they carry amazing factors to enhance your health.
Spinach is good to clean up acne it contains a lot of Vitamin K, A .
It is very rich in Iron.
Spinach is also a good resource to prevent you from cancer, hart disease and arthritis.
Spinach has proven to have almost ten nutrients of SPF out of thirteen which itself shows the capacities of spinach to guard against Sunburns.


“Fatherhood is telling your daughter that Michael Jackson loves all his fans, but has special feelings for the ones who eat broccoli.”
Bill Cosby, Fatherhood.

broccoliBroccoli is an interesting vegetable “Broccoli beats most other veggies in health benefits”.
Sulforaphane the nutrient that is found in broccoli is great in removing toxins from the body and helping your skin glow.
Broccoli contains a lot of vitamin c and calcium it’s also a good resource to prevent cataracts.
Broccoli has huge properties for detoxification.
Broccoli – is rich in beta carotene, a precursor to vitamin A, which is good for the skin.
Cook broccoli as stew or toss it with any salad it is good in all ways.


“What do you think? Young women of rank eat – you will never guess what- garlick!” – Percy Bysshe Shelley

garlicGarlic is not really a vegetable which people usually don’t keep near them. No doubt they are used in very good proportion in our day to day life.
Garlic is an important ingredient when it comes to herbal medicines.
There are even people who are putting a garlic juice on their pimples.
Garlic contains active sulphur which helps to eliminate acne.
It is measured to be one of the finest natural antibiotics.
Garlic is very simplest solution on acne , You just need to open the clove and apply the juice on the affected part and like the method is so quick the results are also similarly very quick.


“Having a good wife and rich cabbage soup, seek not other things”

greencabbageCabbage helps to detoxify the body of harmful chemicals and hence provides you with good skin.
Raw cabbage juice effectively breaks up buildup of putrefactive wastes in the intestines. Its high content of sulfur and chlorine makes it an excellent bowel cleanser.
You can mix cabbage juice with carrot juice gives amazing result on skin. I know it will be tasteless but adding a pinch of salt will make it better in taste.


“A tiny radish of passionate scarlet, tipped modestly in white.”
Clementine Paddleford

radishRadishes help to digest your food and good digestion is necessary to avoid constipation and to keep the liver and pancreas strong.
They provide plenty of vitamins and minerals, which help to reduce body acids and helping detoxification.
Radish can be eaten raw in salad which is low in calories and gives high amount of energy.
Its just not radish but even seeds of radish are very helpful in eliminating acne. The paste made from radish seeds gives an amazing effect. Grind up one or two spoonfuls of radish seeds to form a fine powder. Very slowly add water to the powder to make a paste.
Any unused mixture can be stored in an airtight container in a refrigerator.

This radish seed paste can be used as a natural acne remedy in one of two ways, it either can be used as a mask or as a cleansing wash. As for mask you will have to apply it for 20 minutes and leave it. Then rinse it thoroughly with warm water and you can watch the results for yourself.


“Watercress is a Vegetable filter “

watercressWatercress is a great source of vitamin C, B1, B6 and K.
It is also good source of iron and manganese.
Watercress is an herb which is an alternative herbal treatment to care for ailments such as to help remove toxins, reduce excess respiratory mucus.
It is used to reduce water retention, for wet coughs, bronchitis, skin eruptions, anemia, gall bladder complaints, as well as rheumatism.
it is a great strengthener of the skin.

As Eating and drinking vegetables provide you with minerals and nutrients that build your blood, tissue, bones, and cells
It is vegetables that help your skin get revitalized. Vegetables create miracles, we just need open eyes to see them and use them in our day to day life to experience them.
There is one more way to relish your vegetables to gain good skin. You can mix these vegetables and toss a salad.

Likewise salad contains almost no calories and contains a high water volume. It also contains a lot of vitamin A and even more vitamin K and vitamin C.

Beauty is useless which last for temporary. The real beauty is which last permanently. And you are the only sculptor of your own body and beauty.


Beauty is a pretty face
Beauty is a brand new vase
Beauty is lovely hair
Beauty is an oak wooden chair
Beauty is a graceful smile
Beauty is a great sense of style

Beauty is a fragrant smell
Beauty is a 5 star hotel
Beauty is a nice toned body
Beauty surely isn’t shoddy

Beauty is sleek smooth skin
True beauty is deep within

Chizom Okpara

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