Right Brain VS Left Brain

The large brain, like a large government may not be able to do simple things in a simple way “is a saying by Donald Hebb which simplifies the title very well. Science is getting is so advanced that daily there is a new inventions which makes you think.

No, no! Please don’t get yourself perplexed from the title with the awesome comedy movie “The Man With Two Brains “by Carl Reiner. I wish even real life would have been such fun and hilarious. Well no doubt there are amazing funny statements made by writers on the most beautiful and monstrous organ called BRAIN. Likewise Robert Frost had said “The brain is a wonderful organ. It starts working the moment you get up in the morning and does not stop until you get into the office “ Well , jokes apart Science have proved the concepts of two brains i.e. left brain and right brain.

According to the review published in The Revolutionary Science On Dual Brain, The Free Press, New York on book “Of Two Minds “by Dr. Fredrick Schiffer “there is overwhelming evidence that each side of our brain possesses and autonomous, distinct personality – with its own set of memories, motivations, and behaviors.”

left-brain-right-brainOur brain has two cerebral hemisphere is defined is one of the two regions of the brain which are represented precisely by the body’s medium plane. The brain can be thus described as being divided in two parts Left Cerebral Hemisphere and Right Cerebral Hemisphere. The hemispheres which are linked by a corpus callosum and other small smaller commissures. These commissures transfer information between two different hemispheres to coordinate with localized functions.

Everybody has two different cerebral hemispheres which makes one mind. Experiments have proven that two different hemispheres of brain are responsible for two different thinking .According to it the left brain deals with logical sequential, rational thinking, analytical, objective and looks at parts. Right brain deals Random, Intuitive, Holistic Synthesizing, Subjective thinking and looks at whole. In every individual either side of the brain dominates the other side of the brain which tells the characteristic of your brain.

Well its definitely funny and interesting to know the characteristics of your brain, so friends what are you all waiting for. Go and find out what is the style of your brain. I know going scientifically will make the play dull but you play it through different play cards. As of it is said by Dr. Seuss “I like nonsense. It wakes up the brain “. Smile and also give a reason to your brain to smile.

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