Let Your Eyes Reveal The Secrets With Almond Oil

It is just the start of winter the skin has started getting dry. It is very true and most experienced by everyone that with the start of winter season the skin also gets dry and dehydrated. And that makes look horrible. The dryness also makes the skin dry and irritating. It becomes so uncomfortable that you start avoiding social meets, hanging out with friends and eventually going out of the house. But do you think that it is going to help in anyways.

Well, at least I don’t think so, unless and until you don’t try to help yourself nobody is going to help you. And god has provided us with the solution it is just we need to use that solution and make out the best of it.  Like everyone even I was the victim of this horror show but instead of  grumbling I thought  to find out the solution and to my surprise, I found many things ready to help me but I had to select the best for me.

I very well knew that the solution for all problems in the world is to have healthy diet, good sleep and refrain from stress. There are times when it is hard to implement the solutions but we need to follow as this is the only secret of happy and peaceful life. It is our nature who helps us in many ways we just to need to extend our hand and take in gratitude whatever it gives us.

There are ample of solution available in market for the dry skin but like I said earlier it is you who have to choose the best for yourself. When I had faced this problem even I was lost in the market.

In winter the entire body gets dry but the most sensitive part that gets affected is the skin near your eyes. Your eyes are the most delicate part of the body and during winter also it is the area which gets dry and dehydrated. During winter the oil glands do not supply enough lubrication to the skin near eyes due to which the skin becomes dehydrated and the eyes look dull.

And here I would like to share the secret that made my eyes look beautiful even during winter. And the secret is Almond Oil. It is from childhood we aware of the benefits gained from almond. Almond is very rich food. Almond belongs to the Rosaceae clan which is native to Mediterranean region widely grown in Middle east. Almond oil is obtained from sweet almonds.

Almond oil is highly rich in Vitamin E which is extracted from almond. Almond oil contains high amount of mono-unsaturated oleic acid, an omega-9 fat, and omega-6 polyunsaturated vital fatty acid. The oil is good for application to the skin as an demulcent because it is more unwavering than the rather fragment oils. Almond oil being light weigh, calm and soothing is a perfect substitute for Olive oil.

Sweet almond oil is gained from the dried kernel of sweet almonds. This oil has been traditionally used for massaging which lubricates the skin and helps the blood circulation which improves the textures of skin.

There are many ways to use almond oil on skin:

  • Just massage your skin daily with almond oil which will leave the skin supple. And specially clears the clogs of skin near the eyes. The massage near eyes nourishes the skin and gives a amazing glowing effect.
  • You can also mix almond oil with any of your favorite essential oil. Add Lavender oil to the almond oil and use it is as stress buster. It is also very beneficial to get rid of skin rashes.
  • A very simple remedy is to mix equal proportions of almond oil with honey and leave it on the skin near your eyes for entire night.  Wash it off in the morning to see the radiance effect on your skin.
  • To get a glowing effect in just few minutes mix a little almond powder with milk cream. Massage the mixture around your eyes and wash off with warm water and experience the change by yourself.
  • Even a teaspoon of almond oil when mixed with half a teaspoon each of milk cream and lime juice gives a tremendous gazing effect on skin. This concoction can be applied daily before going to sleep.

It is very easy to get a beautiful skin but provided you take care of it. God has given us a lovely body we need to take care of it and thank him in every ways.  He can be termed as the best pharmacist in the universe as he has provided us with every possible solution for every ailment.

You can take no credit for beauty at sixteen.  But if you are beautiful at sixty, it will be your souls own doing.  ~Marie Stopes.

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