Removing Blackheads at Home Using Potatoes

Potato other than being a great source of carbohydrate contains a high amount of potassium, vitamin C and vitamin B6. Thus, it is recognized as a staple food. Other than being used as a food item, several other uses of potatoes are also known.  One such use is for drawing out poisons. However, no scientific study till date has shown evidences supporting this property of potato. Another purpose for which potato is successfully used by many people around the world is for removing blackheads. This use of potato also does not have any scientific proof, but innumerable satisfied people will happily be ready to act as the proof supporting this feature of potatoes. Below we have discussed the process of using potatoes for removing blackheads.

  1. Peel the raw potato. While choosing the potato you must make sure that it is absolutely white and firm. It is advisable not to use potatoes having green or any other dark colored spots on them. If the potato has a few tiny dark spots on it, you can cut that portion before using it.
  2. Now, grate the peeled potato; the grated potato must be extremely fine. If you are efficient enough, you can also cut the potato into thin slices using a knife.
  3. Now apply the sliced or grated potato on the regions of your face that have blackheads. Once, all the blackheads affected areas are covered lie down or sit quietly for a minimum of 5 minutes. For best effects, you must wait until the entire juice of the potato is soaked by your skin.
  4. Repeat this remedy at least twice every day. Within a week you will find your blackheads falling off or disappearing.

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